What is R090

R090 is an optional coursework component of the Creative iMedia course and is worth 25% of your overall grade. Your teacher will choose which of the optional coursework modules you need to complete. Please ask your teacher if you are unsure which of the optional modules you will be doing.

What is covered in R090?

R090 is all about taking, editing and displaying digital photos

OCR give out a few set projects that all involve taking, editing and displaying digital photos for a different scenario and your teacher will generally choose which scenario your class (or you) will complete.

The project will involve you using appropriate photo editing software (such as Adobe Photoshop, Krita, G.I.M.P, Serif Draw Plus or Apple Photos) to edit your digital photos to a professional standard.

How is R090 split up?

R090 is split into 4 main Learning Objectives (or LO for short):

  • LO1
  • LO2
  • LO3
  • LO4


Understand the features and settings of digital photography equipment


Plan a photoshoot in response to a brief


Carry out a photoshoot, edit the digital photos and display them


Evaluate and review the digital photos that you created

R090 Advice


LO1 is all about researching and showing your knowledge about the features and settings of digital photography equipment. It will involve doing some research into industry standard cameras and their technical specifications. Ensure that you do not copy information from websites for this section. This is known as plagiarism and could get you a mark of 0 for your project. Remember that your work will be checked thoroughly by the person marking it.


In LO2 you will be given a client brief which you will have to analyse. It is advisable to print this off and highlight all of the key elements within the client brief as well as any specification details. This will help you to include everything when you are writing your report.

You will also need to produce some idea generation documents like a mind map or a mood board so that the person marking your work can see the thought process your went through when coming up with your ideas.

You will need to fully plan the photoshoot that you will be carrying out and will need to identify the timings, equipment props etc that you will need in order to carry out the photo shoot.


In this section you will have to carry out the photoshoot and keep a lot about how you carried out and what you did. Once you have taken the photos you will then need to use a professional piece of software to edit the photos to a good technical level and then display the photos.


In LO4 you will need to evaluate the photos that you have taken as well as the whole photo taking session and displaying of these photos. You will need to say how you met the client brief so have the highlighted client brief sheet available so you can ensure that you talk about everything that you did in order to meet the client brief.

You can also say what you think you did well, and also how you would expand or improve your work if you had more time on the project.

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