Characters and Comics

What is R095?

R095 is an option coursework module and is worth 30% of your overall grade.

You will only do 1 option module for this course

Option modules are chosen by the teacher and school, and is usually dependent on the classes and skills within the department.

The coursework module should be carried out in a supervised manner i.e with your teacher, in a classroom and you will be given information by your teacher on what is and isn’t acceptable when completing your coursework.

As part of the R095 module, you will be given a set project to do by your teacher.

What is covered in R095?

R095 is all about creating characters that can be used within a short comic strip that you will create.

In the module you will develop and plan your character and then create a comic based around the character that you have developed.

In the module you will rely on the knowledge that you will have already studied as part of modules R093 and R094.

How is R095 split up?

R095 is split up into 3 assessment areas:

Topic Area 1 – Plan characters and comics

Topic Area 2 – Create characters and comics

Topic Area 3 – Review characters and comics


Topic Area 1

For Topic Area 1 you are expected to:

  • Produce an interpretation of a client brief for a given set task
  • Explain how the intended product meets the client brief and how it appeals to the target audience
  • Produce pre-production and planning documentation

Topic Area 2

For Topic Area 2 you are expected to:

  • Create component parts of the comic and characters
  • Create the character and a short comic
  • Export the comic to a suitable format with suitable properties

Topic Area 3

For Topic Area 3 you are expected to:

  • Review the comic for its effectiveness
  • Produce recommendations for areas of improvement and future development

R095 advice

Topic Area 1

This section will require you to carefully analyse the client brief that will be given to you as part of this module. It is advised that you print off the client brief and highlight the key tasks and specification of what the client wants you to do and produce for them. When you have highlighted the key parts of the client brief you will need to discuss these points in your report.

As part of this topic are you will also need to generate some ideas based on the client brief and produce some idea generation pre-production documents such as a mind map and mood board.

Other pre-production documents that you will have to produce include a work plan and a visualisation diagram once you have the main idea for the client brief chosen.

Topic Area 2

In this part of the module you will be expected to create the character and create a short comic with them in. You will use publishing software geared towards creating a comic such as Comic Life or Microsoft Publisher. The software chosen will depend on what is available at your school. Once you have created the comic you will need to export it in a suitable format and with a suitable specification.

Topic Area 3

In the final part of the module you will be expected to review what you have done and say how you have met the client brief. You can use your highlighted client brief and go through and say how you achieved or implemented each of the highlighted sections. You can also discuss what you think that you did well on and also what you would improve or expand if you had more time on the project.

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