What is R088

R088 is an optional coursework component of the Creative iMedia course and is worth 25% of your overall grade. Your teacher will choose which of the optional coursework modules you need to complete. Please ask your teacher if you are unsure which of the optional modules you will be doing.

What is covered in R088?

R088 is all about creating a digital sound sequence.

OCR give out a few set projects that all involve creating a digital sound sequence for a different scenario and your teacher will generally choose which scenario your class (or you) will complete.

The project will involve you using appropriate sound editing software (such as Audacity or Apple GarageBand) to create a digital sound sequence.

How is R088 split up?

R088 is split into 4 main Learning Objectives (or LO for short):

  • LO1
  • LO2
  • LO3
  • LO4


Understand the properties and uses of digital sound and sequences


Plan an original digital sound sequence in response to a client brief


Create an original digital sound sequence in response to a client brief


Evaluate and review the digital sound sequence you created

R088 advice


LO1 involves researching the properties and uses of digital sound and sequences. As part of this you will need to look into how sound is digitised and stored by a computer or digital audio device, the different file formats that are used to store sounds and digital sound sequences and the different methods of compression that can be applied to sound files.


In LO2 you will be given a client brief which you will have to analyse fully. To do this, print off the client brief and highlight the key information that is contained with it as well as the key specification information. You will need to discuss all of the highlighted parts in your report.

You will also need to generate some ideas for the client brief and should produce a mind map and a mood board to show the different ideas that you have.

You will also be expected to create some pre-production documents such as a work plan which will show how long everything will take.


In LO3 you will create the digital sound and sequence using a professional audio editor such as Sound Forge or Audacity. The software that you use will be chosen by your teacher and you will be taught how to use it.

Once you have created the sound and sequence you will need to export it in a suitable format as requested by the client brief.


In LO4 you will evaluate the digital sound and sequence that you have produced. Using your highlighted client brief say how you have done all of the things that the client has asked for (these should be the parts that are highlighted). You should also say which parts you think you have done well and which parts you would improve or expand upon if you were given more time for the project.

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