Visual identity and digital graphics

What is R094?

R094 is the mandatory coursework module for the new J834 OCR Creative iMedia course and is worth 30% of your overall grade.

As it is mandatory, you have to do this coursework and your teacher will give you time during your lessons and at school to complete it.

The coursework should be carried out in a supervised manner i.e with your teacher, in a classroom and you will be given information by your teacher on what is and isn’t acceptable when completing your coursework.

As part of the R094 module, you will be given a set project to do by your teacher.

What is covered in R094?

R094 is all about developing a visual identity, planning a digital graphic that fits with this identity and then creating the visual identity and digital graphic.

In the module you will rely on the knowledge that you will have already studied for module R093.

To succeed in this module you will need to create a portfolio covering the main points of the set assignment which should be written in your own words.

You will also create a digital graphic using appropriate software and technical skill and save the graphic in an appropriate format for the assignment specification.

How is R094 split up?

R094 is split up into 3 assessment areas:

Topic Area 1 – Develop visual identity

Topic Area 2 – Plan digital graphics for products

Topic Area 3 – Create visual identity and digital graphics


Topic Area 1

For Topic Area 1 you are expected to:

  • Design a concept for the visual identity referenced to the client in the set task
  • Justify why the visual identity you developed is suitable for the identified client

Topic Area 2

For Topic Area 2 you are expected to:

  • Produce planning documentation for the digital graphic product referenced in the set task

Topic Area 3

For Topic Area 3 you are expected to:

  • Create an effective visual identity which has the correct properties and is appropriate
  • Prepare assets for use in the digital graphic
  • Create the digital graphic planned in Topic Area 2
  • Apply design concepts and layout conventions to the digital graphic
  • Ensure the format of the digital graphic is appropriate

R094 advice

Topic Area 1

For this section you will need to analyse the client brief (task) carefully. This will be give to you by your teacher and will include details about a fictitious scenario or client that you have been asked to complete a task for. Print off the client brief and highlight all of the key words and tasks that you are asked to do within it. You will need to talk about all of the things that you have highlighted within your report and justify the choices that you make relating to the client brief.

You will also have to include some research within your report, stating why the identity that you are developing for the client is suitable for them. Remember do not copy information from the internet for this section! Your teacher or the person marking your work will be checking thoroughly and if any section is found to be copied you will receive a o mark for your coursework.

Topic Area 2

For this section you will need to produce pre-production planning documents that you will have learned about in topic R093. This should include a work plan to say how you are going to create the digital graphic product, a visualisation diagram, a rough sketch that will show what the finished product will look like and various idea generation diagrams like mind maps and mood boards to show the person marking your work your thought process as you go through.

Topic Area 3

This is the section where you will create the visual identity and the digital graphic. You will need to use a professional digital graphics program such as Adobe Photoshop, Serif Draw Plus X8 or Krita, Inkscape or GIMP. You will need to keep track of all the assets that you use and keep a log and screenshots of what you do to create the digital image.

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