iMedia R081 Revision

What is R081?

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R081 is the exam component of the course and is worth 25% of your overall grade. Many of the concepts that are included in R081 are also included (or are important) for your 3 coursework modules.

It is important that the concepts for R081 are taught before, or at the same time as your coursework modules.

It is important to note that this module is mandatory for the course – you have to do the exam.

The exam is marked out of 60 marks and you are normally given 1 hour and 15 minutes to complete it.

Schools can choose to sit this either in the January exam series or the Summer exam series but this is the choice of the individual schools and teachers. Our site has lots of iMedia R081 revision materials for you to ensure you get the best grade.

Many people search for Creative iMedia GCSE OCR but it’s important to realise that this course is not a GCSE but a Cambridge National award which while equivalent, is slightly different. OCR is the exam board which provides the course.

What is covered in the R081 exam?

Broadly speaking, you could be asked questions about:

  • Mindmaps
  • Moodboards
  • Visualisation diagrams
  • Storyboards
  • Scripts
  • Client requirements
  • Hardware and software
  • Health and safety
  • Legislation
  • File formats
  • Compression
  • Version control

In the R081 menu above there are links to course content pages, revision flash cards and exam style questions and answers – everything you need to prepare for the R081 exam!

The questions for the exam are not overly difficult but the exam board will be expecting you to answer the questions in a specific way. A question you will nearly always get for example is “What is the purpose of (mind map, mood board, script)” etc.

If you apply a bit of common sense when answering the questions and have looked at some of the exam questions with your teacher before you should not find the exam very difficult but looking at some of the past exam questions is a must.

iMedia R081 Revision

We’ve got loads of iMedia R081 revision resources that will help you with the R081 module. From courses to quizzes and flash cards – take a look at our resources below

Go through each of the key concepts of R081 using our free courses! These courses include the key theory relating to R081 and some quiz questions as you are going through.

Test your knowledge about R081 and get yourself ready for the exam by using our online flash cards. They are perfect for your iMedia R081 revision. It asks you a question then you can see if you got it right by virtually flipping the card over. Read the question, write down the answer then flip the card to see if you got it right.

Quizzes are a great way to test yourself and make sure you are ready for the exam with some iMedia R081 revision. Our quizzes are mainly multiple choice but some may want you to input words or match things together as well. You can also earn points from our quizzes when you achieve full marks so make sure you are going through them on a regular basis so that you top up your knowledge over time.

Books for R081

My Revision Notes: OCR Creative iMedia Cambridge National Level 1/2 revision book

This book covers the mandatory modules for Creative iMedia, R081 and R082. The content for these modules is very good and well written.

It obviously doesn’t cover everything that you will do in the full course but as a basic book to look over for help and advice for these 2 modules it’s really good.

As it only covers the 2 modules it is much cheaper than the book above and should serve you well throughout the course.

OCR Creative iMedia Cambridge National Level 1/2 text book

This book gives you all the information that you need to get you through the Creative iMedia course. It covers R081 and all of the coursework modules (R082 – R092) so this is really the one stop companion book for the Creative iMedia course that will last you from the start to the finish of the course.

Well written and very helpful – if you can afford this book this is the one that I would recommend.

Please note that these links are affiliate links that will take you to Amazon.

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