What are iMedia Points?

iMedia Points are a great way to show your knowledge of key Creative iMedia concepts.

You can earn these points by completing courses and quizzes on the site.

The more points someone has, the more they have engaged with the Creative iMedia course.

How do I earn iMedia points?

The first thing that you have to do is register for the site. This is the only way that we can keep track of the points that you earn. Your details are held safely and securely.

To earn iMedia points, you must be logged in when getting involved in the quizzes and for most, you must complete them with a full score to get the points. Take a look at all the ways you can earn the points below:

  • Earn 5 points for initially signing up for the website
  • Earn 10 points for each quiz that you complete and get full marks in
  • Earn points by completing seasonal challenges and tasks

Where can I see my points?

You can view your iMedia points just above the navigation bar – but you will only be able to see these when you are logged into the site.

You can also see a more in-depth run down of your points and where you have earned points from inside your Account. Simply click on the My Account button above the navigation bar when you are logged in.

This will give you a description of how you have earned your points, the date when you achieved them and the number of points that you achieved.

What are iMedia Points worth?

iMedia Points hold no monetary value, though we’re in talks with some companies to see if we can offer prizes for highest number of iMedia Points per month. We’d also be interested in hearing from companies who would be willing to donate prizes for this. If you are part of an organisation with the Creative Industries and would like to help out then please get in touch via our Contact page. Keep an eye out for more information on competitions and how you an use your points via our social media or via our newsletter.

Can I transfer points?

No, points are non transferrable

What are ranks?

Ranks are awarded when a certain number of iMedia points are reached by a user. We are still working on how these will work but you may go up a rank if you reach over 100 points for example, meaning that you would have successfully completed 10 quizzes at 10 points each.

Higher ranks may in the future, give you access to perks such as monthly online revision sessions, badges or access to resources that are not available to everyone else.

Is that it?

iMedia Points are new for 2022 so we’re still developing how they work and how they are integrated into the website. At the moment we have integrated them into every stand alone quiz that we offer and will continue to implement them into new quizzes as we create more.

We have some more ideas about how we want to use them but for now we have implemented them in a basic fashion with an aim to upgrade them in the near future.

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