This site has been set up with the aim to provide free online educational resources for the OCR Creative iMedia L1/2 course.

The site aims to provide a ‘one stop shop’ for students and teachers with loads of different resources that are available to make life a little easier!

The site is built specifically for the OCR Creative iMedia course and does not feature anything else. We believe this makes the site unique and extremely niche compared to others! This allows us to really focus in on the subject and provide resources and features that aren’t available anywhere else.

We have split the course down into its component topics like R081 and R082 to make it easier to navigate and concentrate on one part of the course at once. We’ve also included R081 revision quizzes for the exam module so that students can test themselves effectively on the R081 content.

It has been setup, built and designed by an experienced Computing teacher based in West Yorkshire who has first hand experience of teaching the OCR Creative iMedia course across a number of different schools. This experience feeds into the site, with lots of hints and tips that makes the course easier for teachers and for students.

This site is constantly getting new material added to it as well, so if you don’t see a feature now, it will probably be in the pipe line!

In 2022 we are hoping to transform the site to cover the new OCR Creative iMedia specification when it launches in September 2022 and are already preparing content to try and meet this schedule. While there is crossover between the new specification and the old specification our intention is to have both resources available on the website.

All of the resources on the site are provided free of charge but the hosting and time to put the site together all costs money, so if you would like to support the site so we can continue to provide free education, please see the Ko-Fi link at the bottom of the page. Any donations would be gratefully received no matter how small. If we’ve saved you some time or you’ve found the site helpful please consider making a donation.

Thanks for your support!

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