R082 – LO1

LO1 is all about researching the properties of digital graphics and the different purposes of digital graphics.

This sections has 18 marks available.

In this section you need to consider the purpose of digital graphics:

  • Research how and why digital graphics are used in a range of different industry sectors
  • Research what the purpose of digital graphics are

You need to consider the properties of digital graphics:

  • Research the properties of digital graphics and these affect their suitability and compatibility with the intended purpose
  • Research the different file formats associated with digital images and what they are used for

You need to consider the design and layout of digital graphics:

  • Research how different purposes and audiences would influence the design and layout of digital graphics.

You must write this in your own words! Do not copy from the internet or a book as you will be graded 0.

LO1 Advice

As part of LO1, you will need to provide examples of different types of digital images. This will involve researching and obtaining some images from Google (or a different search engine of your choice).

Be specific when searching on Google – EG if you are searching for the Red Alert DVD cover don’t just put Red Alert 3

Go to the images tab of google to find the images just below the search box. 

We need good quality images for our project.  Select the Tools option under the search bar and select the Size option and click on Large:

When you see an image you like click on it and it will enlarge on the right hand side of the screen.  Check that this is the image you want.  If it is right, click on it and select the Save image as.. Option from the menu that pops up:

When analysing the digital images that you obtain, you should go into a lot of details about the image. Try and answer these questions as you are writing about the image:

  • What colours are used and why?
  • What images are used and why?
  • What text is used on the image and why?
  • How is everything arranged in the digital image and why is it arranged like this?
  • Who do you think the target audience is and what gives you this information?
  • What is the purpose of the image and why do you think this?

As part of your research you will also need to provide details about different digital graphic file formats and technical information about dpi. This is where it is import not to copy information from websites. Yes this isn’t the most interesting part of the module, but simply write in your words and ask your teacher if you are not sure about some of the technical details.

Always keep looking back at the mark scheme as this is what you will eventually be judged against. While the mark scheme appears fairly vague it does include the key parts that you are being marked against. Ask yourself, have I covered the key point of the mark band and have I included what they are looking for?

LO1 Task List

Use this task list as a tick list as you are going through the R082 module. Have you completed all of these tasks for the LO1 section of the R082 module? If you haven’t then you need to go back and add them to your project.

  • I have identified the purposes of digital graphics
  • I have investigated how and why digital graphics are used in a range of different sectors
  • I have discussed the properties of digital graphics, their suitability and compatibility
  • I have considered many different file formats that are used for digital graphics
  • I have investigated the design and layout of different graphics and how the purpose and target audience have influenced the design and layout

Books for R082

OCR Creative iMedia Cambridge National Level 1/2 text book

This book gives you all the information that you need to get you through the Creative iMedia course. It covers R081 and all of the coursework modules (R082 – R092) so this is really the one stop companion book for the Creative iMedia course that will last you from the start to the finish of the course.

Well written and very helpful – if you can afford this book this is the one that I would recommend.

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