What is OCR Creative iMedia?

Creative iMedia is a KS4 Cambridge National qualification offered by the exam board OCR. Cambridge National qualifications are comparable to GCSE’s.

In the OCR Creative iMedia course you will study various aspects of the rapidly growing creative industries sector from graphic design, web site design and animation through to the creation of films and digital games design.

The course is made up of a number of coursework modules where you get to show off your creative side and use your technical skills, and 1 written exam that tests you on the theory that you have learned throughout the course.

The course is aimed at students aged 14-16 in years 10 and 11 at secondary school.

How can studyiMedia.co.uk help?

StudyiMedia.co.uk has been designed to offer free educational resources for the OCR Creative iMedia course.

On the site you can find online courses, quizzes and help and guidance about the different modules that you will take as part of the course.

These free resources are designed to help you succeed in the OCR Creative iMedia course and are being added to all the time.

The website and resources have been designed by a fully qualified and experienced teacher who has the taught the course across a number of schools for a number of years.

Why should I take Creative iMedia?

Creative iMedia is great for students wanting to get a career in the creative digital industries (a growing industry in the UK) and who want to further their studies in this field in College. You’ll be able to get hands on with software and hardware (depending on the module) to create digital media such as digital graphics, videos, sounds websites etc.

Key facts about the Creative Industries:

  • The Creative Industries cover TV, Video, Photography, Film, Radio, Graphic Design, Publishing, Advertising, Marketing and Games design
  • A senior digital graphics designer can expect to be paid between £35,000 and 55,000 a year
  • £2.48 billion was spent in the UK on film and high end TV productions in 2020
  • 4 out of 5 jobs require experience in IT

The course allows you to experience the full process of creating digital media from initial concept and pre-production, through to creating the final product – much like you would do as part of a job in the Creative Industries.

Do you need to be good at art to take Creative iMedia?

No, you don’t need to be good at art but you must be creative and be able to come up with ideas and be willing to experiment when presented with a scenario that requires you to design something. The only drawing you are expected to do would be drawing out rough versions of digital products for visualisation diagrams and stick people and rough sketches are fine. You are not expected to be Picasso!

Do I need to write code or program in Creative iMedia?

No, you will not need to write code or program in Creative iMedia. You will however need to become familiar with the software used for creating the digital work that you need to make. Some of this software can be complicated but with continued use and guidance should become second nature.

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