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Looking for help with the OCR Creative iMedia course?

Welcome to StudyiMedia.co.uk. Our website has been built by experienced teachers of the subject to help students and other teachers alike to achieve success. The site includes hints and tips to ensure that you will be successful in the OCR Creative iMedia course.

Site Features

Our site offers lots of different features to help you succeed in the OCR Creative iMedia course:

  • Courses
  • Quizzes
  • Theory
  • Advice
  • Flash cards
  • Word Searches
  • iMedia points that reward you for your efforts

These features have been built up over time to provide a one stop shop of effective resources for teaching Creative iMedia. They were created due to the lack of online resources that were available for the subject.


Online interactive courses that teach you the theory behind the course. Receive a certificate upon successful completion of the courses that we offer.

Courses are split up into the specific sections of R081 for quick and easy reference. They cover everything from mood boards, hardware and software, mind maps, health and safety, legislation and file formats to name a few.

These courses are designed to be a ‘teach it yourself’ solution and can be gone through at your own pace.


Test your knowledge about the OCR Creative iMedia course by taking our quizzes. You can also earn iMedia points when you complete a quiz and get full marks!

Our quizzes are not just multiple choice either. Some feature drag and drop challenges and fill in the blanks to keep learning exciting.

The quizzes cover a number of different questions and are organised into different sections such as LO1, LO2, LO3 and also feature quizzes with mixed questions.

For keyword revision we also offer word searches. These are great for Do Now tasks or starter tasks to lessons and can be done online on a computer without the need to print off extra resources and waste paper. Word searches are a great way to get students thinking about the keywords that may be used within the lesson and early finishes can try to define what each of the words mean.


The site is constantly evolving for example we are currently creating new courses and quizzes for the brand new Creative iMedia specification that is being released by exam boar OCR in September 2022. We are aiming to be one of the first websites with fully compatible resources in September 2022.

We’ll also be hosting the old material as well until the old specification finishes in June 2023. Up until that point in time students and teachers will still be able to access all of the materials for the older specification and continue to take courses and quizzes on the Study iMedia website.


Despite taking many hours to put together, maintain and keep live, this site and the educational resources within remain free to use. If you do like what we do however, please consider making a donation via Ko-Fi . My time, servers and domain names do cost money after all!

Thanks for visiting the site and for your support. Please help to spread the word about the site to your friends and colleagues.

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