Is Creative iMedia a GCSE or BTEC?

Creative iMedia is neither a GCSE or a BTEC, it is a Cambridge National but is comparable to a GCSE grade.

While similar, BTECs are offered by a different exam board and are also comparable to a GCSE grade.

How do the grades in Cambridge Nationals work?

Cambridge National grades go from a Level 1 Pass (lowest) to a Level 2 Distinction * (highest). The full grade listings are listed below:

LowestLevel 1 Pass
Level 1 Merit
Level 1 Distinction
Level 2 Pass
Level 2 Merit
Level 2 Distinction
HighestLevel 2 Distinction *

How do Cambridge National grades relate to GCSE grades?

Cambridge National grades are directly comparable to GCSE grades. Please see the table below for further information.

Cambridge National Grade
Comparable GCSE Grade
LowestLevel 1 Pass1
Level 1 Merit2
Level 1 Distinction3
Level 2 Pass4/5
Level 2 Merit5/6
Level 2 Distinction7/8
HighestLevel 2 Distinction *8/9

Do all colleges accept Cambridge Nationals?

Not all colleges will recognise a grade in Cambridge Nationals towards your entry into the college. These colleges are the minority, but it is worth checking if you had a specific college in mind.

What do I study in Creative iMedia?

Creative iMedia is a course that is based around IT but is specific to the creative digital industries. These industries include, film, television, digital graphics, digital effects, broadcasting and streaming, video games, 3d modellers among many others. It is the art of using a computer to create something.

In the course you will have to complete coursework that will take you through the process of the full creation process of a digital creator. From figuring out what a client wants from their client brief, to planning the creation of a digital product, through to creating it and evaluating the work that you have done.

You will learn the theory behind the digital industries and will use the technical skills that you will be taught to create your own digital products using advanced software.

Most of your grade from this course will come from submitting coursework, but there will also be a written exam regarding the theory that you cover which will be sat like a normal exam.

Do I need to be good at art to take Creative iMedia?

No, you don’t need to be good at art as most of the work takes place on a computer. You will have to draw out rough sketches of products like websites and posters but the person marking your coursework will not be expecting a Picasso. Stick men and rough drawings are fine as long as they are clear and labelled.

Is there any programming involved in Creative iMedia?

No there is no programming involved in Creative iMedia. If you do want to study programming, you would be better off taking a Computer Science GCSE.

While there is no programming, you will need to be comfortable using a computer and getting to grips with different pieces of software as you will be using them in an advanced way.

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