Books for J817 specification (ends 2023)

There are a small selection of books that are suitable for the OCR Creative iMedia J817 L1/2 course which we have linked to below. As the course is very niche, these are the only books that have ever been released for it. Luckily the books listed below are excellent and I have used both of them myself while teaching as a reference guide.

As a quick summary the text book (the first option below) covers the whole specification from R081 right through to R092 while the other book is a revision guide and only covers the mandatory modules of R081 (the exam) and R082 the mandatory piece of coursework that is concerned with creating digital graphics. For most students, the revision book that covers R081 and R082 should be more than sufficient for their studies, but if money is no object and you want something that covers everything, go for the full text book as this will cover students for the full 2-3 years that they are doing the course.

Looking for the new specification books?

The new specification for Creative iMedia is being released by OCR in September 2022 and as of yet, no new books for this specification have been released. There are however, some that are on the way from a number of different companies that are due to drop into shops in March 2022, so when these are available I will review them and put links to them if they are of a good quality.

In the interest of transparency – the links below are affiliate links and if you do decide to go through and purchase the books we may receive a small monetary contribution. Thank you.

OCR Creative iMedia Cambridge National Level 1/2 text book

This book gives you all the information that you need to get you through the Creative iMedia course. It covers R081 and all of the coursework modules (R082 – R092) so this is really the one stop companion book for the Creative iMedia course that will last you from the start to the finish of the course.

Well written and very helpful – if you can afford this book this is the one that I would recommend.

My Revision Notes: OCR Creative iMedia Cambridge National Level 1/2 revision book

This book covers the mandatory modules for Creative iMedia, R081 and R082. The content for these modules is very good and well written.

It obviously doesn’t cover everything that you will do in the full course but as a basic book to look over for help and advice for these 2 modules it’s really good.

As it only covers the 2 modules it is much cheaper than the book above and should serve you well throughout the course.

Kindle editions

Both of these books are also available as Kindle editions and this gives you the same content in a digital format (and for a cheaper price). If you own a Kindle already this is an excellent way to save yourself a few pounds when getting hold of these books.

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